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Short Copy Success Secrets

Package includes Short Copy video training, Headlines session and the Target Audience session.

When you’ve only got an instant to grab their attention and get the click… powerfully written short copy is your ace in the hole. In Short Copy Success Secrets, you’ll discover insider tips and tricks professional copywriters use to grab attention in just a few words.

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Email Marketing Blueprint

Email Marketing Blueprint combines 7 Secrets to Autoresponder Success from expert email copywriter, Jay White plus Know Thy Target Audience with Karon Thackston plus Delivering Exceptional Landing Pages with Brian Massey.

Have you met Jay White? He’s written million-dollar-producing email copy for Alex Mandossian, Jeff Walker and countless other major players.

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Single Session Training

Crafting Intriguing Headlines That Pull

Your headline is without a doubt THE most important section of your copy. Unless you’re able to hook the reader’s attention immediately, you’ve lost them… and the sale. Copywriting pro Karon Thackston outlines over a dozen easy ways to write headlines that pull winning results.

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Lynn Terry

Blogging Basics That Make All the Difference

Professional blogger and Super Affiliate, Lynn Terry, talks candidly about her success strategies for blogging. Whether you’re writing for clients or your company’s blog or your own site, Lynn will show you how to outline an action plan to get the best results every time you blog.

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Copywriting Basics & Planning: Two Steps Pros Never Skip

One of the biggest mistakes novice copywriters make is simply putting fingers to keyboard without any planning. Without a good organization, you miss the mark and end up with ordinary, unimpressive copy that doesn’t convert or rank well with the search engines. Karon Thackston gives you the foundational elements every piece of copy should have and create a copywriting plan to ensure nothing is forgotten when you write.

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Copywriting’s First Commandment: Know Thy Target Audience

Unless you study copywriting, chances are you’re missing this piece about communicating with your target audience and it’s messing up your results, big time. Karon Thackston will get you up to speed on writing by adjusting your core message to speak specifically to your site visitors.

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Brain Massey

Dissecting, Diagramming and Delivering Exceptional Landing Pages

There is a huge amount of confusion about what – exactly – landing pages are and how they are best used. Every online copywriter must know the differences. Brian Massey, takes you through the definition of a landing page, the various types of landing pages, what to include, what to leave out… the entire process from headline to call-to-action.

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Kevin Hogan

Applying the Science of Influence to Copywriting

Having worked with ABC, Fox and the White House, Kevin Hogan has proven he knows how to influence others. In this extended session, you’ll get Kevin’s best influence techniques along with specific examples of how these tactics can be used in many different types of copywriting.

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